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Helpful Author Links

Some of the sites listed below are official links to a living author; some are sponsored by academics who have taken a special interest in a particular writer; a few are commercial sites sponsored by publishers; and others are professionally constructed and researched by fans. Regardless of the source, please give their creators the respect you have always given me, and cite them properly in your research papers. (If you have any question on how to do this, email me and I'll help.)

Masters in English

Sherwood Anderson site
Margaret Atwood site
Isaac Babel site
James Baldwin site
Ann Beattie site
Ambrose Bierce site
Heinrich Böll site
Raymond Carver site
Willa Cather site
Geoffrey Chaucer site
John Cheever site
Kate Chopin site
A. C. Doyle site
Stephen Crane site
Charles Dickens site
Fyodor Dostoevsky site
William Faulkner site
F. Scott Fitzgerald site
Bessie Head site
Ernest Hemingway site
W.D. Howells site
James Joyce site
Franz Kafka site
D.H. Lawrence site
H.P. Lovecraft site
Bobbie Ann Mason site
Guy de Maupassant site
Flannery O'Connor site
Edgar Allen Poe site
James Thurber site
Leo Tolstoy site