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STORYBITES Goes To College!

Many people ask whether Storybites articles can be used as credible academic sources. Obviously faculty at the following institutions think so! Here is a list of colleges and school districts who currently use or have used our commentaries as a teaching tool in their classes:

Henderson State University (AK)
Long Island University (NY)
California State Univeristy, Stanislaus (CA)
Minnesota State University, Mankato (MN)
Sacramento State University (CA)
Centenary College of Louisiana (LA)
Wayland Baptist University (TX)
Ankara University, Tomer (Turkey)
Illinois Valley Community College (IL)
University of Houston (TX)
Magnolia Independent School District (Magnolia, TX)
Nashua School District (Nashua, NH)

In addition, the article "Kate Chopin's 'A Respectable Woman'" was used as a source to explicate Chopin's work during an Arizona Department of Education professional development training, and faculty in the Bedford County (Virginia) Public Schools recently used Storybites commentaries to develop test questions for quarterly benchmark tests.

If you're a faculty member interested in using a Storybites article in your classes, let me know. And if you're a faculty member already using one of our articles, I'd love to know that too!