About Storybites Press

Storybites Press was originally founded in late 2016 to publish my own children’s book, Come Dance by the Light of the Moon. However, before the book was done, a poetry manuscript landed in my lap, and Scott Lee Marshall’s Rhymes to Reason became Storybites Press’ initial publication. While I continue to toil on my self-illustrated children’s book, I’ve also written a mystery novel which may become Storybites Press’ second or third offering. And in the meantime, I’d also be happy to look at short manuscripts with short anticipated press runs—poetry chapbooks, family memoirs, children’s stories and the like—that can be folded, stapled, and neatly trimmed rather than bound. (Think of the way a paperback children’s picture book is constructed—you get the idea.)


I don’t plan to publish many books under the Storybites Press imprint, and the author (you) would have to pay for publication services, including an ISBN number and barcode. Since I do much of the book production in-house (and I literally mean in my house), your book will not look like it came from a professional book printer’s. But it will look lovingly and painstakingly designed and constructed, and heirloom hand-knit sweaters don’t look like they came from the mall, do they? Contact me if you’d like to learn more.


Note: We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. You need to query first.



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